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204 4th Ave.
Warren, PA 16365
Department Head:Lisa Zuck
Hours of Operation:08:00AM - 04:30PM
County Commissioners serve as the County Board of Elections and perform all duties imposed upon them by the Pennsylvania Election Code. Commissioners conduct the County Board of Elections meetings and appoint a chief clerk and other county employees and assistants to administer election and voter registration. The County Board must certify election results and voter registration totals to the Department of State as required by law.

The Voter Director of Elections is responsible for all aspects of the elections including, but not limited to:

  • select and equip polling places,

  • purchase and preserve voting booths (voting equipment) and supplies,

  • appoint employees,

  • issue watcher's certificates,

  • prepare and publish notices and advertisements,

  • receive petitions and nomination papers.

  • investigate allegations of vote fraud,

  • announce election results,

  • issue certificate to successful candidates.

  • Election results!

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    Warren, PA 16365